When We Makan (Eat)

When We Makan (Eat)

This is Nenek Ros being a master in the kitchen. We made fish and sawi vegetables. I helped prepare the ingredients for our lunch while Nenek applied her magic in cooking. I cried like a baby cutting the onions, Nenek stood at the side watching me, going “Aiyooo, Kijan” and laughing. Nenek taught me to wash the onions in the future before hand, to avoid tears flowing out like waterfall next time when cutting them.

Before our meals, Nenek Ros would say a prayer of thanks for the food that is on the table and small moments like that really touches me.
Lunch is ready! 

Do you think sometimes eye contact is a lost art?

I’m sure most of us here are guilty of having our eyes glued to our mobile phones in group meals. Everything in our lives have to be fast paced, moving. Even when we are waiting for the lift to get to our classes, we tend to take our phones out. Just randomly scrolling on things, sometimes just to avoid awkward conversations with others. 
During lunch, 
Nenek and I talked about the future today.
We talked about the younger us.
We talked about how important family is. 
We talked of how if I would to get married in the future, I have to find a good husband. (HAHA)
But most importantly, we listened to each other. 
Nenek lives alone and she shared with me about how lonely it can get sometimes when her children are in Miri, striving for a better future.

As parents, they pray for the best of their children and for them to achieve happiness in the things they do.
Every day, I learned something new from Nenek Ros.

And coincidentally at that moment too, Nenek received a phone call from her daughter. Nenek’s face lit up with a smile as they chatted. 
Dear readers, how about the next time, we too, can take some time off from being a phone zombie and invest time in the people that we care for and matter most to us? They would appreciate it, and after all, it’s the memories that count right? Instead of worrying about the amount of likes that we have for the latest uploaded photo on social media. 
Remember to smile and tell people how much you appreciate them! 
Signing off, 

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