When Silence Becomes A Language

When Silence Becomes A Language

This was inspired by the quietness of Bario
where the whisper of the breeze and the clucks of chickens are more audible
compared to the incessant beeping of phones and the chatter of humans. Also, I was really impressed by the work of the quiet but creative kids at the local primary and secondary school. They had
a different way of learning and expressing their creativity. Their virtual
worlds were filled with ideas about A.I. robots, mind-controlling gaming
devices, living on a rainbow and many more mind blowing things. I would like to
express my feelings of experiencing those quiet moments using the least words
possible. (after all it is about silence)

  When silence is no longer awkward,
  It becomes a moment to listen deeply to
another person’s heartbeat,

  A device to look close into another
soul’s perception,

  An instrument to harmonize with nature.

  When silence doesn’t drive you crazy

  It becomes a tool to delve into your

  A mirror to reflect your being,
  A way to reconsider the way you live.

 When silence becomes a language, that’s
where the beauty of life unfolds.

On top of Prayer Mountain 

Srinithya aka Uding Aran-

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