Purposeful Exploration


Due to the pandemic, we will not be having any Purposeful Exploration groups for the time being. Our priority is to not risk the safety of the communities we work with. We will return with onsite activities towards the end of 2020.

Malaysia is full of hidden gems and beautiful scenes, and Bario is one such place. Take a couple days off to explore, eat, and interact your way through the Kelabit Highlands.

All the activities and accommodations in Bario that WHEE works with are run by the locals. By joining a Purposeful Exploration group, you are directly supporting their livelihoods when you partake in their community tours, buy their local products to bring home, and stay in their homestays.  

WHEE have set calendar dates for visits during the year, but you are more than welcome to bring your own group of friends on dates you choose, and we will help you arrange your stay. 


A sample 4D3N Purposeful Exploration itinerary in Bario:

View the full brochure here (PDF).

We are very flexible with our programs. We can tailor the program activities to suit your physical capabilities, group needs, or interests – be it school trips, class reunions, corporate trips, or a group of friends looking for an unforgettable experience. 

Due to number of flights available on MASwings daily to and from Bario, we can accommodate up to 25 people per group. 

You can contact us for more information.