Hey you there. 

How long do you think it takes for someone to change his/her life? Some may say just days, months or even the years that one has to go through ‘sekolah menengah years’ to find the change? 

Well, for me. I feel that it’s actually the moments, the seconds that counts. 

The moment when I first met my Nenek Ros (the woman I was paired with) and the first time we hugged.

The moment when I had walks to the kedai-kedai with Nenek Ros, enjoying our kolo mee and enjoying each other’s company while teaching English and Bahasa Kelabit to each other.
The moment when Nenek Ros and me cooked fish and sayur together, improving my skills to be the perfect wife material in the future (Haha!) 

The moment when us WHEE-IANS painted Tepu Sina Rang’s (our homestay host) house and ended up having a paintwar with all of us looking as if we just came out from a warzone. 

And of course, the moment when I signed up for Project WHEE!. Project WHEE! gave me a chance to experience learning from a different culture and for me to have the opportunity to share what I have learnt with the lovely Bario ladies. 

In the next few posts, I would be sharing more about the moments. 

The wonderful moments throughout the last 14 days in Bario, Sarawak. 

Andddd…just scroll a little down, for pictures. 

Feeling surreal, this is actually happening! On my way to Bario!

This is where it will all start, a beautiful hand drawn map I found. 

The scenery we pass walking down from the airport to the long house. 

And last but not least, my NENEK ROS. <3 <3 <3 

I think with every second, one’s life can change. With every 60 seconds, there will be a new minute. You really do not need to wait for New Year’s Eve to start making resolutions for change. 

As a wise teacher has told me before, “The time is now”
So, do it today. For whatever you would want to strive for, leave behind, or create. 
Today can be the day of change. 

Signing off, 

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